Spotty Dotty Cotton Ball Painting

This is so quick and easy to set up – making it perfect for a rainy day activity or just before bathtime! We had a great time experimenting with our new Crayola washable neon paints!

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Homemade Vegetable Crisps – Snacks For Bub

I admit that it looks like I’ve photographed a bowl of potpourri -my photography / food presentation skills are a work in progress! The only thing I can say is that these vegetable crisps IMG_1938are so delicious that they were wolfed down before I got the chance to do another photo shoot. To be honest, bub only had them as a snack twice – Mummy and Daddy ate the rest over a glass of wine and a few games of Boggle (ooh it’s an exciting life we lead!).

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Wicked Wednesdays #2

You may love these bright swirly hippie trousers Mummy but I don’t! I don’t care if they are lightweight and protect my legs from the sun! Just get them off me then I can scream as you slather suncream on me instead!
Why is it some times so hard to get little ones dressed without screams and tears?!

The Prince Of Tod-Lair (a parody)

Last week was not too great because we had a teething, cold filled, snotty toddler on our hands who couldn’t sleep however much he tried. We were all frazzled and sleep deprived and are just about emerging from the haze and recovering this bank holiday weekend. I have to say that the long cuddles on the sofa were particularly enjoyable, even if we had to watch Peppa Pig, The Wiggles and Sarah and Duck over and over!

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Learning Through Play: Why Stress About The Mess?

I was recently saddened to overhear a mum say she refused to let her son feed himself because he made too much mess and it was just too much hassle to clean up after him. Now, if you are concerned about the mess a 7 month old makes when eating then how on earth will you cope with a toddler wielding a dripping paintbrush through the house or (god forbid) a permanent marker? How will you deal with your child splashing about in puddles or making mud pies in the garden? How will you react when your little one arrives home from school looking a little less pristine then when you dropped them off?

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Flying With Baby -Top Tips

So, we were off to Australia…yay! But that involved a 22 hour flight …boo! As if that wasn’t tiring in itself, we would be flying with a noisy and incredibly nosy 9 month old. How were we going to survive?! 

I won’t lie, it was a sleep depriving and energy sapping experience – bub only had an unsettled 2 hour snooze for the duration of the flight. A recent trip to the Coral Coast left us with the flight blues, as we got a taster of what it will be like returning to the UK in September with a toddling bub. I’m hoping these tips will help me on that journey as well as aid you on your travels!

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Cooking With Bub: Date And Banana Flapjacks

My 13 month old has a great appetite and I am always looking for new ideas for snack time. Like many, I am keen to make bub’s food from scratch so I know exactly what he is eating and can keep salt and sugar intake to a minimum. It can, however, be a struggle and I often find myself reaching for a pouch or rice cakes just because they are so convenient, especially as we spend a lot of time out and about. It is hard to prepare and keep food fresh in hot weather and it is even harder when we are travelling!

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