Ditching the dummy – part 2

Thursday evening was the start of Operation ‘removal of the dummy’, after hosting a dinner party and despite my belief that we’d agreed to start the process on Friday night.

Dan said he would take the night shift if necessary so I let it be;  there will never be a convenient time to take away the dummy so we might as well start now.

There was a bit of grumbling throughout the night and neither of us slept well because we expected Osh to wake up, realise he was sans dummy and subsequently scream the house down.  Surprisingly, it was 5am by the time it dawned on him and Dan dutifully stumbled downstairs to try and console him.  Bub was having none of it.  I watched on the monitor as he hauled himself up in the cot and screamed.  He lay on his front. ..and screamed. He huddled up in a corner…and screamed.  He was angry and clearly not going back to sleep.

So, the day had begun and Osh was seemingly delighted with this; he remained in a good mood for the next few hours.  It was only until we said goodbye to Dan, after walking with him to work, that the tears started flowing. It was 8.30am and I craved coffee but couldn’t bring myself to set foot in a cafe.  Instead, I did laps of the park whilst cursing Dan for denying me those few extra hours with the dummy.

The cries eventually subsided and Osh zoned out before drifting off into a peaceful sleep.  I strolled to Ginos and enjoyed a double shot of strong coffee with coffee beans on the side.  By the time bub woke up, I was bouncing off the walls and raring to get to our first baby singing class.  We had a great time learning new Australian nursery rhymes and got chatting to some mums afterwards.  One mum even congratulated me and said I was brave to wean Osh off the dummy now; she was dreading starting the process with her 2 year old.  I felt empowered by the conversation and assured that Dan and I were doing a good thing.

That evening, Dan and I had planned to have a delicious seafood platter at an award winning restaurant on the quayside.  It wouldn’t have been a problem before, as Osh would happily suck on the dummy and play with his toys or go to sleep.  We were pretty sure neither of these things would happen so we decided on a fish and chip takeaway.  However,  on arriving at the restaurant, Osh perked up and was incredibly interested in the new sights, smells and sounds. He was in such a good mood that we decided to eat in. Within seconds of sitting down and our bleeper going off to indicate our order was ready,  Osh was grizzling.  We changed our order to a takeaway.

On stepping outside we deliberated where we could shelter from the blustery (but warm) wind.  We wandered into the dark park to eat amongst the spiders and creepy crawlies just so we could eat or meal while it was still hot.  Dan had the excellent idea of sitting behind the ferris wheel, which acted as a wind breaker and source of entertainment for bub!

Osh fell fast asleep on the walk home and was easily transferred into his cot.  We were pleased with how successful the evening had been- until he woke up just as our heads hit the pillow.  I spent half an hour patting and soothing him before he fell soundly asleep.  All in all the first day without a dummy hadn’t been too bad.


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