Cornflour Slime

Cornflour slime has been a favourite activity in our house for sometime.  It started out as a way to keep bub busy whilst I packed up the house for our move to Oz -hence the simple white cornflour and the rubbish bag and cardboard box in the background! Now, I think I have as much fun as bub does playing with the stuff – though looking back at these photos I realise how much extra work I gave myself by letting him wear clothes for this activity! Continue reading


Classic Anzac Biscuits

I’m really happy and excited to be writing this little post today for a number of reasons. Not only do I love Anzac biscuits, which celebrate an important national occasion in Australia but this is also my first recipe post on my website and my little one decided that this was the day to start walking!

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Journey Down South

The night before we left for Margaret River there were some strange goings on outside our apartment. We heard whisperings and what sounded like the clanging of metal and the scraping of dirt.  When Oshi started stirring, I became ruffled – how dare these people wake up my sleeping baby just before our holiday?!

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Rice Box Fun

Sensory play games that involve pouring and scooping are great for babies and toddlers. Preparing a rice box for your little one is quick and relatively mess free; to ensure an easy clean up, I put baby in the paddling pool.  This helps contain the rice as he throws it around and, afterwards, I can tip it back into the box for him to use again another day.

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Camping With Baby – Top Tips

We’ve been on many camping trips over the years and even spent four months or so living in our bell tent.  So far, we have only managed to go on two camping trips with bub: one when he was 12 weeks old and the most recent at 12 months (more are in the pipeline!).  Both stages presented different challenges but as long as you’re organised, relaxed and prepared to ‘go with the flow’, you’ll have a great time and make some wonderful memories.

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Ocean Wonders at the Aquarium of Western Australia

It was rather refreshing to experience a day of rain, having been spoilt with clear blue skies and dazzling sunshine since arriving in Freo.  Being a weekend,  we were faced with the question every parent dreads – how to keep the little ones entertained! Now, there are many outdoor activities here that aren’t hindered by a little drizzle but activities during thunderous downpours need to be given serious consideration.

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Making time for new experiences after baby

One of the most important things on entering parenthood is not to lose sight of the person you were or the things you enjoyed before baby came along. You will inevitably have less time to spend on your hobbies but any ‘me’ time is a welcome breather from the intense and chaotic world of babies.

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