Glittery Ice Popsicles – Painting With Melting Colours

This simple and inexpensive art activity will keep your little one entertained on a warm summer day. It is probably best to do this outside though, as it can get rather messy!

It took a while for bub to get going with this activity – I was too keen to get started so the popsicles hadn’t melted yet. I also think the ice was a strange sensation for him. Once he got use to it, however, he was fascinated by the bright coloured wiggly lines that appeared on the paper as he doodled. It wasn’t long before the floor became his canvas and he started drawing here and smudging with his hand there. The funniest moment was when he began trailing the ice cube across his feet, experimenting with the cold. By the time we had finished, it wasn’t just the floor that was multi-coloured!

It is likely that they will try to eat the paint so do keep a watchful eye!

Have fun 🙂

You will need

– Water

-Washable paint or food colouring (we used paint)

– Ice cube tray

-Glitter (optional)

– Wooden lolly sticks

– Scissors

– Cellotape

– Paper

Making the paint popsicles

1. Add different colours of paint or food colouring to the ice cube tray. If using food dye and you want the colour to be brighter or more intense, add more drops until you achieve the desired colour.

2. Pour water into the ice cube tray – but don’t overfill!

3. Sprinkle various coloured glitter on top of the mixture, if using.

4. Prepare the wooden lolly sticks by cutting them in half.

5. You may wish to freeze the paint a little bit before placing the wooden sticks in, as this means they will come out straighter. IMAG4879I’m afraid the toddler keeps me on my toes whilst trying to prepare such activities so I just plonked the handles in at any angle!

6. Pop the ice cube tray in the freezer.

7. When you’re ready to use the frozen paint, place the tray in the sun and allow them to melt a little before removing them.

8. I recommend taping the paper to the floor so your little one can focus on painting. Or, if you’re brave enough, forego the paper altogether!

What your little one will learn

– Self expression with paint

– Hand-eye coordination and control IMAG4891-1

– Sensory experience of exploring paint, textures and prints

– Experimenting and exploring a new art tool

– Fine motor development; holding the sticks strengthens the fingers and hand muscles

– All the senses are involved: seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and, if you use edible paint, tasting!



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