Spotty Dotty Cotton Ball Painting

This is so quick and easy to set up – making it perfect for a rainy day activity or just before bathtime! We had a great time experimenting with our new Crayola washable neon paints!

You will need

– Paper or card

-Kids washable paint

– Muffin tin or small bowls

-Wooden clothes pegs

– Sellotape  (optional)


1. Add splodges of paint to each muffin hole.2016-06-21 19.19.58

2. Attach pegs to the cotton balls (or show your little one how to squeeze the peg open and grab a cotton ball before letting them have a go – great for developing fine motor skills!)

3.  I recommend taping the paper to the floor so your little one can focus on painting. Or, if you’re brave enough, forego the paper altogether!

4. Let them loose!

5. Dive in and have a giggle – join in with the painting!

What your little one will learn

-Strengthening the pincer grip muscles,which will help promote fine motor development needed for all that handwriting to come.

– Self expression with paint

– Hand-eye coordination and control

– Experimenting and exploring a new art tool


Great for toddlers but fun for all!


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