Learning Through Play: Why Stress About The Mess?

I was recently saddened to overhear a mum say she refused to let her son feed himself because he made too much mess and it was just too much hassle to clean up after him. Now, if you are concerned about the mess a 7 month old makes when eating then how on earth will you cope with a toddler wielding a dripping paintbrush through the house or (god forbid) a permanent marker? How will you deal with your child splashing about in puddles or making mud pies in the garden? How will you react when your little one arrives home from school looking a little less pristine then when you dropped them off?

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Making time for new experiences after baby

One of the most important things on entering parenthood is not to lose sight of the person you were or the things you enjoyed before baby came along. You will inevitably have less time to spend on your hobbies but any ‘me’ time is a welcome breather from the intense and chaotic world of babies.

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Ditching The Dummy

Dummies seem to be a controversial subject in baby world and people can be rather judgemental about their use. I have been on the receiving end of such criticism and, for along time, it felt as though I had to justify why my baby had a dummy. It was this attitude as well as Dan’s aversion to dummies (worries about attachment issues) that made us reluctant to give one to Osh.
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