Cornflour Slime

Cornflour slime has been a favourite activity in our house for sometime.  It started out as a way to keep bub busy whilst I packed up the house for our move to Oz -hence the simple white cornflour and the rubbish bag and cardboard box in the background! Now, I think I have as much fun as bub does playing with the stuff – though looking back at these photos I realise how much extra work I gave myself by letting him wear clothes for this activity!

Anyway, most recently we made lots of different colour slime and, having learnt from previous mistakes, let bub play in the paddling pool without clothes! It was great fun and everyone got involved including the grandparents. I have to say, it was handy having 3 extra pairs of hands to help clean up.  Normally, I’m left dealing with a messy floor, a mucky me and a slime covered baby!  So good luck!

[To be honest, the mess is not as bad as it looks. In fact, the mixture dries hard and floury so it is easy to wash off or vacuum up. Though it’s likely your child will end up immersing themselves in the slime so be prepared-think wet wipes, towels or maybe even the hose?!]

You will need


Food colourings (optional)

1 cup warm water

2 cups cornflour

Spoons, whisks,  tubs, funnels,  sticks – the list is endless!

Preparing the slime

1. Mix the colour and warm water in the bowls -you can use cold water but the cornflour will be clumpier.

2. Add the cornflour slowly, mixing and blending as you go. If it’s too firm, add more water.  If it’s too runny, add more cornflour. You should be left with a substance that is firm if you poke at it with a spoon yet runny – letting the spoon sink into it.

3. Off you go! Let your little one submerge toys in it, mix it using sticks or attack it with cooking utensils. I like rolling the mixture into a solid ball and passing it to bub who is then confused as to why the ball melts in his hands!


You may wish to avoid using blue food colouring for this activity unless you want bub to look like a smurf – we found that it takes a while for the food dye to wash off!