Journey Down South…Margaret River

The night before we left for Margaret River there were some strange goings on outside our apartment. We heard whisperings and what sounded like the clanging of metal and the scraping of dirt.  When Oshi started stirring, I became ruffled – how dare these people wake up my sleeping baby just before our holiday?!

Dan and I decided to find out what was going on so we crawled over to the window and peered through the slits in the blind. Three people were huddled under a tree. In the middle of the apartment gardens. One burly man was digging a hole.  It was nearly midnight. We were concerned.

We carried on watching but determined we wouldn’t be good detectives; we had left the bedside light on.  “They know they’re being watched”, whispered Dan. We giggled away -courtesy of the two glasses of wine. So the light was switched off and the sleuthing continued. We discussed what the four people might be up to and, at one point, debated whether they might be burying a body – the man was digging an ample size hole!

Suddenly, the muscley digger man burst into tears as the others lifted a large bag and placed it in the hole.  We determined they were either putting a dog or cat to rest. We felt ashamed for spying and hastily retired to bed; I was glad that I hadn’t gone marching down to ask them to keep the noise down!

The next morning, we packed for our camping holiday. This meant one of us entertained bub whilst the other sorted stuff and then we’d switch.  We were away by 9.30am, the car bursting with baby necessities and camping gear (see Camping With Baby – Top Tips for ideas on what to pack).  The plan was for Osh to have his usual hour long nap in the car so we were disappointed when he woke up after twenty minutes.  I personally blame the police -they had picked a random road to block to carry out breathalyser tests.

We waited in the traffic jam and I performed the parent trick of slowly creeping forward in the hope of lulling baby back to sleep. I started feeling increasingly nervous about being pulled over, even though I knew I’d done nothing wrong! I breathed a sigh of relief when we were waved on; only to be made more stressed by Oshi’s wailing.  Turned out the poor thing had been sick so we pulled over for brunch and a clean up.

After a further hour of travelling we stopped for our second break.  We unloaded the blanket, toys and snacks and settled down for a quick relax whilst two seagulls scurried over to beg for food. Now Dan regularly reminds me not to feed the seagulls, as they are quite the skilled thieves out here. We’ve witnessed them swoop down and swipe food off people’s plates. It doesn’t help that Oshi thinks they’re the best thing in the world and always crawls after them; it’s only a matter of time before he learns that throwing food equates to a gull gathering. Dan thought he’d set a fine example and “throw a few crumbs” to these two friendly seagulls.  Hypocrite.  Within seconds, we were surrounded by twenty sea gulls and our relaxation time turned into a shooing session accompanied by Oshi’s squeals of delight.

On arriving at Margaret River, the contents of the car exploded onto the pitch.  We found our shop bought Coleman tent a damn site easier to assemble than the classic tent we had bought off Gumtree.  We had spent hours trying to put it up, in 35 degree heat, but with no manual available online we relegated it to the back of the cupboard.  Free tent anyone?!


Now, we had researched and made plans for dinner on the drive down.  We were going to drive fifteen minutes to Augusta to pop into the supermarket, which the internet said closed at 7pm.  We set off at 5.30pm, giving us a suitable amout of time to avoid driving in the dark – rumour has it kangaroos have a death wish. The only supermarket available for miles was closed. hour early. This small town had less than twenty shops, the majority of which were closed apart from the drive through liquor store and fish and chip shop. We were sorted and made it just in time for sun down -with this view,  who could complain?!


Though this sign was a tad worrying…note the nervous smile!