Ocean Wonders at AQWA

It was rather refreshing to experience a day of rain, having been spoilt with clear blue skies and dazzling sunshine since arriving in Freo.  Being a weekend,  we were faced with the question every parent dreads – how to keep the little ones entertained! Now, there are many outdoor activities here that aren’t hindered by a little drizzle but activities during thunderous downpours need to be given serious consideration.

We decided to tick something off the Aussie bucket list – to visit the Aquarium of Western Australia in Perth.  It may not have been the smartest decision we’d ever made,  as it was absolutely heaving with people -I suppose that is only to be expected on a rainy day over the Easter weekend.  It was also rather overpriced though the more you visit, the cheaper the price.

Nevertheless, there was an amazing array of sea creatures to be seen – from all along the coastline of WA.  Our favourite spots were the leafy seadragons, a puffer fish, an octopus and a longhorn cowfish, which was attempting to propel itself out of its tank!

The coral tanks were pretty magical and it made me eager to get to Ningaloo Reef for a snorkel.  One of our favourite areas was the DANGERzone – if you’re already afraid of what lurks beneath then this would definitely stop you from ever dipping a toe in the Indian Ocean.  Think I’ll take to wearing booties so I don’t step on anything nasty!

One impressive feature was the conveyer belt through an underwater tunnel.  We got to gaze at sharks, stingrays and a wide variety of colourful fish as they glided around us.  This is the tank I’m planning to snorkel in though I’ve read that the sea turtle can be a bit nippy!

So, despite it being busy and noisy, we spent a lovely hour or so roaming around but it was a lot smaller than expected and not as interactive as I’d hoped.  Dan and I both agreed that AQWA did not surpass the National Marine Aquarium back home in Plymouth; I guess sometimes the best things are right on your doorstep.