Posting Box

IMAG4854Encourage concentration and perseverance by making a fun posting box with your little one. It is great for developing their fine motor skills and gives them the opportunity to work on their problem solving, as they twist and rotate objects to fit them through the holes. The posting and dropping of items is so enticing that it is sure to become a favourite game. Also, they will be keen to complete the task by ensuring every item is posted – tidy up time won’t be a problem!

You will need

– A craft knife (though we used a kitchen one)

– A shoe box or any other small cardboard box

– Things to decorate the box with e.g. paint, glitter, sequins, feathers

-A selection of posting items e.g. buttons, pompoms of different shape, size and colour

Making the posting box 

1. Use the knife to cut a few holes in the lid of the box making sure they correspond in size with the items for posting.

2. Decorate the box to make it more enticing.  Let bub help you paint the box and perhaps the highchair while they are at it!

3. When the box is dry bring out the sparkly decorative stuff. Let bub play with the sequins and throw glitter everywhere whilst you hastily glue items onto the box – or let them have a go at the sticking.

4. Let them get posting!


If they get tired of posting buttons and pompoms then try coloured matchsticks or magnets.

Encourage your little one to sort items by decorating the holes with colours that match the posting items.