Rice Box Fun

Sensory play games that involve pouring and scooping are great for babies and toddlers. Preparing a rice box for your little one is quick and relatively mess free; to ensure an easy clean up, I put baby in the paddling pool.  This helps contain the rice as he throws it around and, afterwards, I can tip it back into the box for him to use again another day.

How does a rice box enhance sensory development?

Babies and toddlers love to explore and experience the world through touch. With this activity, they can sift the rice through their fingers, swish it around the container or make it bounce off their hand in a rice shower.

Picking up individual grains of rice helps your little one to develop their pincer grip (only using the thumb and index finger).  It is also a good activity for developing their fine motor skills i.e. those needed to control the movement of their fingers whilst holding a pencil and writing.

How to make a rice box

Choose the size of container you want and fill it with rice.  Add a range of scoops, tubs and toys for your child to experiment with.


You’re good to go!

As you can see, this activity has kept my little one entertained on several occasions!

Note: It is important to supervise your child during this activity to ensure they don’t put rice in their mouth, eyes or ears or up their nose!