Lemon, Coconut And Blueberry Muffins

IMAG4859What do you do when life gives you a massive lemon? Turn it into scrummy yummy muffins, of course!

So, this is my second post where I take to the kitchen and experiment with the aim of providing ‘healthy snacks’ for bub.

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Cooking With Bub: Date And Banana Flapjacks

My 13 month old has a great appetite and I am always looking for new ideas for snack time. Like many, I am keen to make bub’s food from scratch so I know exactly what he is eating and can keep salt and sugar intake to a minimum. It can, however, be a struggle and I often find myself reaching for a pouch or rice cakes just because they are so convenient, especially as we spend a lot of time out and about. It is hard to prepare and keep food fresh in hot weather and it is even harder when we are travelling!

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