Stingray Encounters

We woke up at 5.30 am on the first day of our camping holiday in Margaret River.  Black out blinds in the tent were not an option so we couldn’t trick Oshi into sleeping longer.  He started grumbling and wiggling at first light, patting the sides of his pop up cot to be let out.  After a little snooze session, Dan reached in and hauled him out for a cuddle but it wasn’t long before Osh began whimpering for food.  I hastily threw on some clothes,  as Dan tried to entertain bub but his hunger cries grew louder and louder.  Continue reading


Is the coast clear?!

At the weekend we visited Cottesloe beach, which is famous for surfing, swimming, snorkeling and amazing sunsets. The beach was packed – people were basking in the blazing sun and playing in the crashing waves.  The water looked extremely inviting in the 30 degree heat until Dan kindly pointed out that the helicopter hovering above us was probably on shark patrol.  We strolled, or rather ‘hauled’ all of our stuff along , to a quieter area of the beach so we could set up camp.

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Ditching The Dummy

Dummies seem to be a controversial subject in baby world and people can be rather judgemental about their use. I have been on the receiving end of such criticism and, for along time, it felt as though I had to justify why my baby had a dummy. It was this attitude as well as Dan’s aversion to dummies (worries about attachment issues) that made us reluctant to give one to Osh.
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Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I’m Amanda and I currently live in Western Australia though this is only temporary until September when we will return to the UK. I’m rapidly approaching the big 3-0 this year 😮. I am Mummy to a cheeky 13 month old called Osh. I live with my lovely husband and our mischievous Rudozem Street Rescue Dog (RSDR).

I am a primary school teacher who has been on ‘extended’ maternity leave, as we took the opportunity to move to WA with work. I am a tad apprehensive about returning to work full time in October but am making the most of this extra time with Osh: playing outside, exploring and doing lots of messy play (which I believe to be extremely important in a child’s development).

I started this blog in March with the hope that it would prevent my brain turning to mush from having to repeatedly sing ‘The Great Old Duke of Osh (Bosh)’. I love to write and I considered blogging to be a challenge because, other than Facebook, I am (was?!) quite social media illiterate!

So, this blog is about sharing all our adventures and chaotic moments whilst trying to bring up baby. I will share lots of recipes and messy play ideas as well as travelling tales and tips -hopefully inspiring others with our journey!  I will be honest and not just write about the highs of parenthood but also the lows. However, I do make a conscious effort to have a positive outlook on life so if your looking for sweary ‘I hate my life as a mum’ rants then this is the best you’ll get from me. 

Anyways, I will attempt to do all this whilst carrying on with the everyday battles that is the cleaning of the mucky highchair and child and cursing whilst said child wiggles away mid, dirty, nappy change! So, if you wish, please join us as we travel through life ☺.

Amanda & Oshi x