Spotty Dotty Cotton Ball Painting

This is so quick and easy to set up – making it perfect for a rainy day activity or just before bathtime! We had a great time experimenting with our new Crayola washable neon paints!

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Posting Box

IMAG4854Encourage concentration and perseverance by making a fun posting box with your little one. It is great for developing their fine motor skills and gives them the opportunity to work on their problem solving, as they twist and rotate objects to fit them through the holes. The posting and dropping of items is so enticing that it is sure to become a favourite game. Also, they will be keen to complete the task by ensuring every item is posted – tidy up time won’t be a problem!

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Cornflour Slime

Cornflour slime has been a favourite activity in our house for sometime.  It started out as a way to keep bub busy whilst I packed up the house for our move to Oz -hence the simple white cornflour and the rubbish bag and cardboard box in the background! Now, I think I have as much fun as bub does playing with the stuff – though looking back at these photos I realise how much extra work I gave myself by letting him wear clothes for this activity! Continue reading

Rice Box Fun

Sensory play games that involve pouring and scooping are great for babies and toddlers. Preparing a rice box for your little one is quick and relatively mess free; to ensure an easy clean up, I put baby in the paddling pool.  This helps contain the rice as he throws it around and, afterwards, I can tip it back into the box for him to use again another day.

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Treasure Baskets

Babies learn about the world through all their basic senses i.e. what they see, hear, feel, taste and smell.  Using the tactile sense is sometimes referred to as kinesthetic learning; a baby touches an object and feels if it is smooth or rough, hard or soft or hot or cold.

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